The Bulls Eye Products and Concrete Story

The best in concrete since 1966


Owners, Derrick & Kacey Smith located in Ledbetter, Texas
Family owned and operated. We deliver products all over Texas, including Austin, Houston, Waco areas.


Bullseye Products & Concrete started in 1966 under the name of Brenham Concrete Pipe. They originally manufactured concrete culverts and pads. Over the years as concrete became more popular the business grew to include things like concrete beams and steps. In 1989 Brady Gregor purchased Brenham Concrete Pipe and renamed it Carmine Concrete. During this time people were building more homes in the Brenham and surrounding areas.

As homes were being built laws were coming into effect which were requiring homes and businesses to install septic systems to meet environmental rules. This required Carmine Concrete to focus on conventional septic tanks.  They continued to provide conventional septic tanks until 2017 when they were purchased by Bullseye Products & Concrete. Since that time Bullseye has increased the product line to include newly approved Aerobic Septic Tanks and systems to meet the high standards now required by the EPA.

Bullseye Products & Concrete focuses on quality and customer service. Our goal is to provide the most competitive septic systems the meet the highest standards of local rules and regulations while still maintaining the best service available. We know the most important part of any small business is customer service.

We are based in Ledbetter, Texas, where we can conveniently serve businesses and ranchers throughout Central Texas. We are less than an hour from College Station, Houston, Brenham and Waco. We look forward to serving you!

Derrick Smith • 1498 fm 1291 • Ledbetter, Texas 78946 • derricks915@gmail.com979-451-9047

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